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Runaway Art Launches Australian Wearable Art Festival

EUMUNDI has hosted what was literally a Runaway success with the official launch of the Australian Wearable Art Festival on Friday.

Around 150 guests attended the Australian Wearable Art Festival will be held in May 2019 and to whet the creative appetite, Runaway Art – the official launch of the Australian Wearable Art Festival – brought in plenty of preview wow factor at the Imperial Hotel.

The night featured acclaimed fashion designers, wearable art show stoppers, designer workshop stations and fashion parades were just part of the line-up.

Organisers said the Sunshine Coast Council’s Horizon Festival proved the perfect opportunity to give both locals and visitors to the region a taste of what wearable art is about.

Event curator Wendy Roe said this lead-up event was about educating people on techniques and styles and “providing inspiration for works to be exhibited next year”.

The Australian Wearable Art Festival will have six main categories as part of its gala parade competition next year – Haute Couture, Avant Garde, Floriana, Natural Dyeing, Trashion and Sustainability, as well as additional prizes for best headpiece, best indigenous work and best tertiary and secondary student pieces.

Best known for her work as a contributing designer for Lady Gaga, Cindy Vogels’ pieces are all meticulously hand-crafted and she has a special interest in ‘slow fashion’ or works that are ethically created.

The Runaway was about how everyday materials and recycled materials can be used to create something extraordinary and how “we can push the boundaries of fashion into the realm of sculpture”.

Six local artists had designer stations on the night working on individual headpieces with Kait Manchip winning the Best Headpiece for the evening.