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Designer Entry

Entries for the AWA 2022 Event have now closed.


TRASHION – The word says it all – a combination of Fashion and Trash. An exploration deep into humanities discards. This category invites you to utilise discarded items, objects we may consider trash then bring them to life in a creation that is original, innovative and inspiring This Wearable Art entry will heighten awareness of the waste we generate in our everyday lives. This entry will draw attention to the endless possibilities for repurposing, reusing and up-cycling. This entry must be at least 80% reused trash!

SUSTAINABLE NATURE – This category is the opposite of Trashion in that it must utilise 100% natural materials and provides an opportunity to showcase the diversity (and possibly the wilderness) that is Australia. Seeking out materials that creatively highlight our natural environment land and sea, this category allows the exhibitor to explore extreme fashion to present new artistic visions while at the same time, embracing natural fibres such as wool, linen, silk cotton, and encompasses natural dyeing where unique colourations are sourced from plants fungi bark etc… This creation must be able to biodegrade back into nature from whence it came…

FLORIANA – The motif of plants and flowers is age old and universal. This category provides an opportunity for all artists to reference or utilise all things botanical to create a stunning celebration of shape and colour – now as Wearable Art for the entire body.
This category does not limit the maker to purely sustainable materials – as with floral art the base can be such items as oasis, metallic tape, wire, floral foam, shade cloth etc and can be new or reused.

AVANT – GARDE – This is the ‘New World’. It’s the pioneering collaboration of art, science and technology into an explosive fantasy realm, of form and structure. Avant Garde is ‘The New’. It’s what we do not know, now presented in such a way that it seems important and necessary. It’s ‘Style beyond Fashion’ beyond limits of material by taking us on a journey using materials in ways that challenge us. It can also take us into the realm of fantasy or science fiction..beyond belief! This category has no limits on new, reused or natural materials – the world is your oyster!

Prizes also awarded to:

BEST HEADPIECE: –  to top off your creation consider the crowning glory of an incredible headpiece. A truly amazing statement price!

HAUTE COUTURE: – This category recognises breaching the walls of the traditional concepts of high end fashion houses, while maintaining the attention to detail and finishing of haute-couture. This category aims to challenge these traditions introducing a strong and perhaps wildly imaginative use of fabrics, finishes, materials and design. This category has no limits on new, reused or natural materials.

EMERGING ARTIST – This category will be awarded to the first time wearable artist who excites the judges with potential for artist growth.




Conditions of Entry

  • All entries should have been completed within the last 12 months and not have been exhibited in its current form in any other event or competition.
  • Images of the entry garment, in its current form will not have been published in any publication prior to the Event. Any such publication will invalidate the entry.
  • All entries must be wearable and durable and not dangerous to the model, other participating members, organisers or audience
  • It is strongly recommended that each garment incorporates a headpiece as part of the overall all entry.
  • Where possible it is recommended that artists provide their own model.
  • AWA strongly suggests you use a qualified catwalk model (can be a trainee) to display your art piece to its best advantage.
  • Artists may enter more than once however each entry must be a separate application with entry fee.
  • The final entry fee is non refundable
  • An entry will not be valid until payment is received
  • An entry will not be valid until payment is received
  • All EOI entries will be assessed by a panel with finalists chosen
  • Your piece may upon discussion with you be moved into your second choice category
  • Completed Entry Forms for the formal EOI must be sent electronically with supporting documents attached (see below)
  • Garment Insurance is the responsibility of the artist
  • We reserve the right to undertake a selection process from entry photos if entries exceed the number catered for. Please not category second choice ability.
  • Delivery, collection and freight of garment is the artist’s responsibility and cost.
  • AWA have the right to photograph and use photographs of the entered garments for publication advertising or promotional use including sponsor promotion.
  • AWA reserve the right to display your entry piece in future promotions

When it is time for the formal EOI, Each Artist must supply:

  • Artist CV, Portfolio of previous works, Synopsis for this entry. You may include an Artist Statement which may be included in promotional material before and after the event.
  • If artist or model is under 18 the parent consent form must be completed and attached

Finalists and prize winners will be assessed by a panel of judges. Their decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.